Roundabout Art Route


The Roundabout Art Route is a public art collection of over twenty sculptures installed throughout the city in Bend’s roundabouts. These traffic circles are designed to keep traffic flowing around the city. It's easy to complete the Roundabout Art Route at your own pace.

Simply pick up the map at Visit Bend (located downtown at 750 Lava Road) and make your way to a minimum of 10 roundabout sculptures. Answer the trivia questions and return to the Visit Bend office for a fabulous prize. Visit Roundabout Art Route for more information.

The Roundabout Art Route is a great way to explore Bend and discover our public art collection. Find your favorite roundabout art this summer on a bike ride or self guided tour.  Organized tours on a twelve passenger bio-diesel shuttle are available at Get It Shuttle.  Visit Art in Public Places to learn more and see the entire public art collection in Bend.

roundabout-art-yakaya.jpg  roundabout-art-lodestar.jpg 
 Yakaya by Troy Pillow at Riverbend
Park roundabout
 Lodestar by Roger Berry at
Bond & Reed Market roundabout


roundabout-art-highdesert-spiral.jpg  roundabout-art-milkyway.jpg 
 High Desert Spiral by John
Fleming at Mt. Washington &
Simpson roundabout
 Milky Way by Devin Laurence
Field at Mt. Washington &
Shevlin Park roundabout