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Merrell Oyster Off Road Adventure Race

Merrell Oyster Off Road Adventure Race
6/30/2012 12:00 AM

The Merrell Oyster Off Road Adventure Race is on Saturday, June 30, in the Old Mill District. Get ready to compete in this trail run and mountain bike adventure race. The Oyster Off Road includes adventure surprises thrown in along a course that is kept secret until the start. That’s right, even the participants don’t know the mystery course route! 

Racers are required to bring a cell phone and/or digital camera to capture images of their adventures during the race. The Oyster Off Road challenges teams of two or relays of four with creative tasks that require thought-provoking strategy. Teams will run, bike, paddle, climb and perform other crazy athletic stunts while answering trivia, completing brain teasers and performing stunts along the course route. Teams are given a passport moments before the race begins indicating check point destinations. Reach the check point, complete the task and return to the transition area for the next set of instructions.

The Oyster Off Road Adventure Race’s transition area will be the Deschutes Brewery grass area on Shelvin-Hixon Road in the Old Mill District.  It will be a great place to see the action unfold. Wondering about the name? Well, the race started in Denver, where there is a delicacy called Rocky Mountain Oysters. Need we say more?  Come join the fun!  For more information or to register for the event visit Oyster Racing Series.

Old Mill District and throughout Bend
450 SW Powerhouse Drive
Bend, OR 97702

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