Opera, Symphony and Special Event Performances

Regal Cinemas in the Old Mill District delivers simulcast presentations of some of the best performances in the industry. The range of special event performances includes The Metropolitan Opera, Broadway musicals, Lincoln Center, Bolshoi Ballet, Royal Opera Ballet, National Theatre Live, BendFilm and many more live and encore performances from stages and musical halls worldwide. Upcoming FathomEvents performances at Regal Cinemas include the following performances:


TED 2016 Conference

OMD-Mini Posters-TED-02-2016-1.5x2.23-01.jpgSpecial Fathom Feature: A LIVE broadcast of the opening night of the TED 2016 Conference featuring the world’s brightest thinkers and idea-generators. TED 2016: Dream Opening Night will be broadcast LIVE to select cinemas nationwide for a thrilling one-night event on Monday, February 15 starting at 5pm on the west coast (running approximately 2 hours). Tickets are $20 at Fathom Events.

Hosted by TED’s curator Chris Anderson, the theatrical screening of this event will debut the first evening of TED 2016: Dream live from Vancouver, Canada, featuring world-renowned thinkers, artists and storytellers who will share their “ideas worth spreading” about the greatest dreams we are capable of dreaming. What emerges is a spirit of wonder and optimism that represents the world at its best.

This event will be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to join in the experience along with the 1,800 attendees in Vancouver – the world’s leading thinkers and doers who have won every international prize of excellence from Nobel Laureates, to Pulitzer Prize authors, to Oscar® winners.

The makeup of that opening session is pretty special: the evening kicks off with a TEDx star, 10-yr-old Ishita Katyal (new addition to the lineup) who will share her dream for the future she is inheriting. From there we have a spectacular vision of the future from the head of Alphabet/Google’s X group Astro Teller, an amazing and slightly terrifying biotech talk from Riccardo Sabatini, the incomparable Shonda Rhimes (showrunner for some of television's hottest current programs), a return to the TED stage from the multi-million-views TED speaker Dan Pallotta (new addition to the lineup) and a closing performance/talk from the iconic choreographer Bill T Jones. Additionally, TED has a couple of other wonderful surprises up its sleeves. **Please note that the talent is always subject to change but this is the current line-up that TED has released.

Art & Architecture in Cinemas Series

This ground-breaking series brings together the world’s greatest works of art, and their environs, captured exclusive for the big screen. Enjoy unprecedented access into the lives of renowned artists and their art via Phil Grabsky’s acclaimed Exhibition on Screen series and allow Nexo Digital to take you on an inside look into the fabulous museums and galleries that are not only the custodians of such masterpieces, but works of art in their own right. Showing on Thursday nights at 7pm and running for just over 1.5 hours.

FebruOMD-Mini Posters-CinemaEvents-02-2016-1.5x2.23-03.jpgOMD-Mini Posters-CinemaEvents-02-2016-1.5x2.23-05.jpgary 11 - Goya - Visions of Flesh and Blood

March 31 - Leonardo Da Vinci - The Genius in Milan

April 21 - Renoir - Revered and Reviled

May 12 - Painting the Modern Garden - Monet to Matisse

June 16 - Teatro Alla Scala: The Temple of Wonders

July 14 - The Papal Basilicas of Rome

More information and tickets on the Art & Architecture Series at Fathom Events


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Bolshoi Ballet

Bolshoi Ballet presents four performances, including three new productions as Sunday matinees captured live earlier the same day from Moscow. The Bolshoi Theatre has over 250 dancers and is one of the largest and most celebrated ballet companies in the world and founded in 1776. Tickets to the Bolshoi Ballet series through Fathom Events.OMD-Mini Posters-CinemaEvents-02-2016-1.5x2.23-06.jpg


Spartacus on March 13 

Don Quixote on April 10 





The Met: Live in HD



The Met Opera: Live in HD brings world class opera to movie theaters nationwide.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to experience the excitement of opera, captured live from the stage of the Metropolitan Opera.

2015–16 Live in HD Schedule

Don't miss the Met's tenth season of live performance transmissions to movie theaters around the world.Tickets through Fathom Events.

2015-2016 SeasonOMD-Mini Posters-Manon Lescaut-10-2015-1.5x2.23-01.jpg

Tickets to all The Met: Live in HD through Fathom Events.


Puccini’s Manon Lescaut–New Production

March 5

Encore March 9

Puccini's Madama Butterfly

OMD-Mini Posters-CinemaEvents-02-2016-1.5x2.23-09.jpg

April 2

Encore April 6


Donizetti's Roberto Devereux—Met Premiere

April 16

Encore April 20

OMD-Mini Posters-CinemaEvents-02-2016-1.5x2.23-08.jpg

Strauss's Elektra–New Production

April 30

Encore May 4

Tickets to all The Met: Live in HD through Fathom Events.



 OMD-Mini Posters-CinemaEvents-02-2016-1.5x2.23-10.jpg









Big Screen Classics

Fathom Events has put together a great lineup of classic movies throughout the year. See the full list of upcoming movies, tickets and more information.

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Past events:

Lincoln Center at the Movies

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts presents a dance series of from four of America's leading companies.  The series includes special behind-the-scenes look to meet the principal dancers and catch a glimpse of each company's rehearsals. Tickets to Lincoln Center ballets through Fathom Events.





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