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Shakespeare Globe London Cinema Series

Shakespeare Globe London Cinema Series
6/27/2011 12:00 AM
Shakespeare’s Globe London Cinema Series

NCM Fathom, Globe Theatre and Arts Alliance Media present a four part series of Classical Shakespeare plays in movie theaters nationwide this summer and fall. Captured in 2010 from the internationally renowned Globe Theatre in London each play starts at 6:30pm (runs approximately 3 hours) and tickets are $15. Each performance will include a historical perspective on the Globe Theatre, the reconstruction process, the work of the Globe Theatre today, and a behind-the-scenes look at each production with interviews from the actors and creative team involved.

Merry Wives of Windsor – June 27
The Merry Wives of Windsor is a one of the great comedies by William Shakespeare. A hilarious tale of love and marriage, jealousy and revenge, class and wealth, this is Shakespeare’s only play to deal with the contemporary Elizabethan era English middle class life. It was first published in 1602, although it was believed to have been written prior to 1597.

Henry IV Part 1- August 1
Henry IV Part 1 is one of Shakespeare's most popular plays, featuring the opportunistic, Sir John Falstaff. The plot shifts back and forth between the troubled realm of Henry IV's court and the vulgar world of the tavern in which Sir John Falstaff presides over his group of rascals and is joined by the fun-loving Prince Henry or Hal. The plot encompasses rebellion and the struggle for power. Prince Hal and Sir John Falstaff join the fighting and Prince Hal kills the rebel Hotspur. The play concludes with King Henry IV and Prince Hal leaving for Wales to confront rebels. Henry IV Part 1 is second in a series of four plays that make up Shakespeare's major tetralogy. It continues the saga that begins with King Henry IV's seizure of power in the play Richard II and the coming of age of Prince Henry.

Henry IV Part 2 – August 18
Henry IV Part 2 is a popular historical play by William Shakespeare and believed to have been written between 1596 and 1599. This play picks up where Henry IV Part 1 ended and focuses on Prince Hal's journey toward kingship. There is much confusion when the fighting is over but the royalists defeat the rebels. More fighting ensues and once again Sir John Falstaff appears in the plot encouraging Prince Hal in his boisterous ways. The rebels are finally defeated and peace reigns. However, King Henry IV dies and Prince Hal becomes King Henry V. Prince Hal realizes he must change and becomes a sober and solemn person. Sir John Falstaff is banished from Prince Hal's court and is lectured to also change his wayward ways.

Henry VIII- September 15
Henry VIII is a popular historical play by William Shakespeare. This work is based upon the life of Henry VIII of England. The drama was based on the actual monarch of England and the turbulent events and people who were important in his life. The play concentrates on his first two wives, Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. King Henry VIII was a proud and willful monarch who defies Rome's ban on divorce to marry Ann Boleyn. Cardinal Wolsey the Powerful Lord Chancellor of England and accomplished politician attempts to bend the Catholic Church to the king's wishes.
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