Old Mill Casting Course Bend Oregon

Old Mill Casting Course

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The Old Mill casting Course is the only golf-style casting course of its kind in North America. It was designed for fun, education, and as an opportunity to practice essential casting skills. The course is free and open to the public.

Open Spaces Information Bend Oregon

Open Spaces Information

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Just across Columbia Avenue from the Old Mill District is Riverbend Park, the Bend Metro Parks & Recreation District Office and a Dog Park with river access.

River Trails Bend Oregon

River Trails

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Enjoy the many walking trails along the Deschutes River in the Old Mill District.

The Old Mill District has seven historic interpretative signs running along the river trail.

Look for our many trail signs highlighting the Centennial Loop Trail, Mill A Loop, and Powerhouse Loop Trail.

Cycle Pub Bend Oregon

Cycle Pub

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This funky and fun 16-person cycle will get you around to all the hot spots in Bend, simply through the pedaling power of the riders.

Wheel Fun Rentals Bend Oregon

Wheel Fun Rentals

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Seasonal bike rentals (Cinco de Mayo to Halloween).

Rent a Surrey that seats 2-12 people and ride through the Old Mill District and along the river trail.

Birding and Binoculars Bend Oregon

Birding and Binoculars

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The Deschutes River is a vital migratory pathway through Central Oregon for birds of all kinds. The Old Mill District is also home to dozens of species of birds.

Our illustrated Birding List is free and available for all our visitors who wish to take up bird watching.

Wanderlust Tours Bend Oregon

Wanderlust Tours


Wanderlust Tours offers half-day guided tours and trips specializing in small group tours that take you off the beaten path, away from crowds to seek out the quiet of the Central Oregon Cascade lakes, rivers, forests and caves.

Bikram Yoga Bend Oregon

Bikram Yoga

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Bikram Yoga offers numerous classes for all levels.