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The Art Station is Central Oregon’s only non-profit art school, reaching students of all ages, skill levels and economic means every year. Children and adults can explore their creative sides with age-appropriate art instruction in year-round classes and workshops. Small class sizes allow for personalized instruction from the Art Station’s talented teaching artists and create communities where students can enjoy a positive and supportive environment.

Featuring enrichment and specific art skill-building, students can experience the fundamental principles of art and design, the building blocks for all art, and use them to create their own unique work. Recently the Art Station has enhanced its program by offering courses beyond enrichment designed to deepen art appreciation, develop artistic thinking and enhance basic art-making skills. These courses focus on idea development so that each student sees endless ways to express feelings, inventions, observations and unique ideas through artistic process, supporting the belief that art involves lifelong learning.

Something new for children ages 6-13 who have a passion for art!  Introducing Children’s Art Academy, an innovative art program for kids.  Art Academy offers in-depth, sequential art classes designed to deepen a child’s appreciation for art, develop artistic thinking, strengthen art-making skills, and cultivate personal expression.  As kids progress through each year of Art Academy, they assemble a portfolio, participate in critiques, and gain artistic confidence.