Come along with Chelsea and friend as they set out on a stretching adventure through the Old Mill District. Discover how a Barre workout and Bikram yoga can transform your body and mind while eradicating the “computer hunch” and keeping the “office chair butt” at bay.


Barre Workout

Ballet barre workouts are the reason why those ballerinas always have those long lean limbs that seem to go on forever. According to our friends at Pure Barre, 10 classes can change your body type. Really! In 55 minutes flat, you’ll get a full-body workout targeting those pesky troublesome spots where your body wants to store those all too frequent Bloody Mary and benedict brunches with the girls.

You can try the barre workout with their new client special – an entire month of unlimited classes for $99.

Bikram Yoga

Yep, this is the hot yoga and no, sitting in a sauna doesn’t produce the same results unfortunately. 90 minutes in a 100- degrees-plus heated room equals a stress-free detoxified toned body. Really! Getting used to the heat is all part of the process, but if you take it slow and remember to breathe, you’ll be bringing it Bikram-style before you know it.

Bikram Yoga of Bend encourages working out with a friend – it keeps you accountable to your yoga practice and it’s so much more fun! Bring a new friend to class on the second Saturday of the month and you’ll both receive a free class.

And streeeeeeetch. Ah, feeling so much better already. So where are we headed for brunch?